Protected nature reserve, accessible via an 8 km path between the mountains and the sea

The Zingaro Nature Reserve, the first of its kind in Sicily, was established in 1981 by the Region of Sicily. It is a protected area, which can be visited only on foot via an 8 km path among the pristine Mediterranean vegetation, or accessible by sea on boat excursions. The stretch of sea that includes the Riserva dello Zingaro will offer you exciting encounters: especially in spring and autumn when it is not uncommon to see very rare birds of prey in flight and sperm whales and whales offshore.

The reserve has two entrances, one on the south side and one to the north, which connect Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo. Inside the reserve, in addition to enjoying the breathtaking landscapes poised between the mountain and paths overlooking the sea, you can find the Naturalistic Museum, the Museum of the weaving of the dwarf palm and other plants used by farmers to create artifacts useful in daily life, the Museum of farm labourers, the Museum of Manna and the Museum of Maritime Activities. Just another opportunity to get to know the people and culture of Sicily, inextricably linked to the characteristics of the territory.


The Zingaro reserve is adapted to everyone, in fact it offers three trekking routes of different difficulty: the first runs along the coast from one limit to the other of the reserve, which is the most popular and also the least demanding; the second, a little more tiring, zigzags across the area, crossing the coast and the peaks; while the third is reserved for the more sporty, and practically crosses the entire Zingaro from top to bottom.

As this is a protected area, the categorical imperative is to not litter, to not pollute, to respect the sea, earth and sky. The removal of waste is done with the help of donkeys mounted with woven straw bags (the "coffe") on which the contents of the baskets distributed along the route are loaded.

The sea of ​​the Zingaro reserve is a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling: the rocky cliffs, the deep sea beds and the secret caves are a real treasure trove of flora, fauna and biodiversity. For those who experience the sea in a less adventurous way, there are small, white pebbled bays washed by a mirror of salt water which during the day are tinged with iridescent shades from green to blue, showing off all the charm of nature.